Evan Gilbert

10620 3rd Street N Apt #F · St. Petersburg, FL 33716 · (575) 202-2190 · Evan.Gilbert1212@gmail.com

I am a Software Developer with over 9 years of experience in the industry. I developed and tested Windows (client/server) applications for the financial software industry. I am a recent graduate of Suncoast Developers Guild with a certificate in Full Stack Web Development.


Software Developer


Was a lead developer involved in designing, developing and testing of software products. Worked with clients to determine what was needed from the software and designed a solution based on best practices. Worked with overseas development teams to develop and implement software solutions worldwide. Was actively involved in testing coding updates provided by other developers and providing feedback and updates to the other developers. Also was heavily involved in debugging system code and database issues.

January 2011 - January 2020


Suncoast Developers Guild

Full Stack Web Development Certificate

Learned full stack web development utilizing the ASP.NET Core framework. Developed back-end RESTful APIs using C# and a PostgreSQL database. Utilized Model View Controller (MVC) to design and implement database structure. Developed modern, responsive front-end websites using the latest technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React). Deployed finished products to Heroku (utilizing the Docker Container Platform) and Netlify.

February 2020 - May 2020

New Mexico State University

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology
Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology

GPA: 3.5

August 2004 - December 2010

Mayfield High School

High School Diploma

GPA: 3.85

August 2000 - May 2004


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Team Collaboration


When not developing for the web, I enjoy the arts. You can find me visiting museums or attending concerts or just taking in a movie. Anything and everything related to the arts is something I enjoy. My favorite experience so far has be visiting the the Field Museum in Chicago. My dream is to be able to visit the Smithsonian National Museums in Washington D.C.

When at home, I enjoy a few hobbies. I have been getting more into cooking recently and am trying to improve my cooking skills. I also enjoy a good book. Reading has become a great way to un-wind for the day. Lastly, I have been building a model in my spare time. I built many models when I was a kid with my father and so picking this hobby up again has been a lot of fun!